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Cricket Nets

Cricket Nets

True sportsman spirit can be seen through this game of bat and ball and at Shlok Sports Academy, the dedicated coaches are constantly trying to inculcate that spirit in the participants and students.

“A Gentleman’s Game”, cricket has always played a significant aspect in people’s lives. Two teams of eleven players combat against each other with bat and ball to make sure that they can score more runs than their opponent team. The wickets at the each end of the pitch are essential as that is the designated space for the players to run and make score.

Like every other sport, cricket too comes with enormous physical and mental fitness that will surely benefit the young students.

  • The arm and leg muscles are strengthened that gives a toned and strong effect to the body.
  • Improvement of cardiovascular health for lung and blood circulation.
  • Hand-eye coordination is improved that also enhances the player to be alert always.
  • Speed, flexibility and body balance can be achieved with this sport.
  • Team building spirit and leadership roles.

At Shlok Sports Village,we provide an exceptional all-round cricket coaching facilities. Our personalized classes provide every student the perfect opportunity to be the best they can. Our coaching is designed to ensure participation at all levels of ability - From growing as beginners, to improving as achievers and to inspiring all at the top-notch performance level.

The perfect example of a true leader who has always maintained his focus on the game, M S Dhoni was quoted once, “If you don't really have a dream, you can't really push yourself; you don't really know what the target is.”

Shlok Sports Village is a hub for every determined participant who wants to develop a keen interest in cricket and improve the skills.

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