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Be a part of a fun recreational activity at Shlok Sports Village that will take you for a smooth gliding that you have never experienced before.

This recreational sport involves bladelike runners or sets of wheels that are worn as shoes and used for gliding on smooth surfaces. The participants carefully balance themselves on these shoes and move forward wearing them. As much as it looks innovative and interesting, skating involves a huge amount of dedication and patience that should be nurtured by the students.

Some of the amazing physical and mental benefits of this sport are listed below:

  • Improves cardiovascular health and ensures strong lungs.
  • Tones up the muscles of an entire body and strengthens them.
  • Leg strength is developed that helps in balancing and gliding.
  • Relieves of stress and brings in more focus.
  • Works as a great booster of confidence.

At Shlok, we make sure that skating is taken to the next level where the professional coaching by qualified instructors is result-oriented. With a holistic training method that assures of coaching from the basic fundamentals to advanced skating skills, we make sure that the participants are completely ready to face all kind of challenges.

A two-time Olympic medallist, Michelle Kwan is a retired skater who has impressed the world with her graceful and beautiful skating movements was once quoted as saying, “If you don’t have what you want, work harder,”

At Shlok Sports Village, we constantly try to bring a sense of fulfilment among the students with rigorous skating training programs.

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