Become an Elite Swimmer Today!

Shlok Sports Village offers you a wonderful opportunity to try your hands out at swimming and its technicalities. The swimming classes are provided for adults and children of all abilities under renowned coaches and swimming instructors steering you towards perfection. Come and be a part of our family and excel in this recreational activity of swimming and overcome your fears with utmost zeal and confidence.

If you aspire to be the next champion and want to make swimming your ultimate passion, then you are at the right place. Splash around the pool and learn the strokes and techniques of swimming to become a pro today and glide towards victory with ease.

Why Us?

Swimmers are trained to develop self-saving skills, physical strength, confidence, and water safety skills

One-to-one lessons and personal attention to each student

Swimming classes for all ages and abilities

Learn the swim biometrics- the right techniques for swimming.

Tailor your swimming training program, based on your physique and ability

Structured assessments to let you know your progress and flexibility