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25, King St. 20170
Melbourne Australia
0011 234 56789
Mon-Fri 8:30am-6:30pm
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The enthusiastic coaches of Shlok Sports Village are highly qualified experienced professional with a diverse background in a broad range of sports. We believe that positive coaching is highly essential for motivating the students, both physically and emotionally. They not only help them in achieving social skills but also enhances the students’ sportsman spirit and encourages them to accept both victories and defeat graciously. At Shlok Sports Village, every student will discover their inner strength, follow their dream and excel at their favourite sport.


Shlok Sports Village offers you a wonderful opportunity to try your hands out at swimming and its technicalities. The swimming classes are provided for adults and children of all abilities under renowned coaches and swimming instructors steering you towards perfection. Come and be a part of our family and excel in this recreational activity of swimming and overcome your fears with utmost zeal and confidence.

Why Us?
  • Swimmers are trained to develop self-saving skills, physical strength, confidence, and water safety skills
  • One-to-one lessons and personal attention to each student
  • Swimming classes for all ages and abilities
  • Learn the swim biometrics- the right techniques for swimming.
  • Tailor your swimming training program, based on your physique and ability
  • Structured assessments to let you know your progress and flexibility


Step into your dream shoes and shorts and get ready to witness a game of a lifetime. Reach new heights each day as we offer you an opportunity to learn the tricks and twists of churning the game in your favor. Dedicated players show their mettle to a ace their game and achieve their victory with strength, stamina, determination that is coupled with passion for the game.

Why Us?
  • Categorized coaching – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level
  • Personalized training in both physical and mental aspect
  • Highly trained coaches with sports-specific skills and dedication to help you in mastering the badminton playing technique.
  • Friendly atmosphere that will make you feel comfortable during badminton training sessions.
  • Badminton court surface, having high shock absorption capacity to help you to play with the best style.


We have a team of dedicated and highly professional in-house coaches who have extensive experience in coaching young players, training them from grass root level to achieve their full potential and inspiring them to be the best. The successful Argentina football club, BOCA Junior football school that has housed several prominent football players and have coached some of the best are now collaborating with Shlok Sports School to come up with the best results for the talented players.

Why Us?
  • Training on the overall development of football skills – Technical and Tactical
  • Nurturing talent within grassroots to develop professional football players
  • Emphasis on all-round personality development
  • Opportunities to appear for selection trials with top clubs both national and international
  • Fun and the most engaging environment for all football classes
  • Spacious 11-a-side international level football field