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Encouraging young participants and students to acquire improved speed and agility, Shlok Sports Village provides professional coaching for tennis to enable participants to be a part of an engaging sport.

This racket sport is generally played individually or as a team where the players use their rackets to hit a rubber ball across the net and into the opponent’s court. Played in a host of countries around the world, tennis has gained popularity for its swiftness of the game which is often a beauty to watch.

With several health benefits, tennis is often a preferred choice of sport for getting an all-round fitness.

  • Calories are burnt with constant sprinting and movement.
  • Increased heart rate helps in higher blood pump and oxygen.
  • The body muscles are toned, strengthened and improved.
  • Metabolic function can be improved immensely.
  • Confident team spirit and improved focus.

Shlok Sports Village aspires to build strong and dedicated tennis players with their outstanding coaches and excellent resources. With regular tennis coaching classes, we make sure that the students not only excel in learning the tricks of the sport but also acquire high fitness level.

This Swiss tennis player who has taken the world by storm by his brilliant shots, Roger Federer isn’t everyone’s favourite for nothing. One of his favourite quotes, “I have learnt to be even more patient.”

At Shlok, we make sure your patience and resilience for tennis enhances with every new challenge on court.

2 Synthetic Courts

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