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25, King St. 20170
Melbourne Australia
0011 234 56789
Mon-Fri 8:30am-6:30pm
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Be the Soccer-Pro You Have Always Dreamt Of!

We have a team of dedicated and highly professional in-house coaches who have extensive experience in coaching young players, training them from grass root level to achieve their full potential and inspiring them to be the best. The successful Argentina football club, BOCA Junior football school that has housed several prominent football players and have coached some of the best are now collaborating with Shlok Sports School to come up with the best results for the talented players.

Learn the greatest tricks on field of sliding past the defenders, pitching the nutmegs in correct places and driving your ball of passion into the post of your goal. Unleash the champion in you today and become a legend in the making with Shlok Sports Village.

Why Us?
  • Training on the overall development of football skills – Technical and Tactical
  • Nurturing talent within grassroots to develop professional football players
  • Emphasis on all-round personality development
  • Opportunities to appear for selection trials with top clubs both national and international
  • Fun and the most engaging environment for all football classes
  • Spacious 11-a-side international level football field

Football Court (90 x 45 Ft)