Sports Village

Shlok Sports Village welcomes you to an unexplored world of sports and games. We offer you great opportunities of learning with professional coaches and gaining the on-field expertise with other games, physical activities and fitness training that appeal to a wide range of the player’s interest. Realize your today’s dream of becoming tomorrow’s world champion.

Steps for your success


Badminton Classes in Bangalore

Get a first-hand experience of muscle strengthening and dedicated physical fitness with Shlok Sports Village that will make badminton one of your favourite sports in no time

Best Swimming Coaching in Bangalore

A refreshing activity, swimming not only focuses on the body muscles but also brings a mental balance and helps the minds in relieving their stress.

Football Coaching Academy in Bengaluru

With an ample range of health and mental benefits, football is one such sport that is probably everyone’s favourite.

Tennis Classes in Bangalore

Encouraging young participants to acquire improved speed and agility, Shlok Sports Village provides professional coaching for tennis to enable participants to be a part of an engaging sport

Cricket Coaching & Academy

True sportsman spirit can be seen through this game of bat and ball and at Shlok Sports Academy, the dedicated coaches are constantly trying to inculcate that spirit in the participants.

Volleyball Coaching in Bangalore

This popular team sport is played by six members in each team who are separated by a net and each team aims to score a point by grounding the ball on the other team’s court

Basketball Training in Bangalore

Become an elite basketball player with world-class training from some of the finest coaches of Shlok Sports Village who will ensure that the game gets the best out of you.

Skating Classes in Bangalore

Be a part of a fun recreational activity at Shlok Sports Village that will take you for a smooth gliding that you have never experienced before.


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